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Helping Families Help Themselves

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About Us

Helping Groups of Women and Girls, Learn Life Improvement Skills for them and their Families

Mission Statement   

Our purpose is to provide and/or support women and girls living in selected countries, to learn life-long skills that will improve their lifestyle and those of their family members. We have and will continue to focus our support for these women and girls living in underdeveloped regions across the world.

Do What You Can Do, Inc - Our Journey and Our Passion

We are a Federally registered 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, founded in 2008. During the past nine years we have journeyed to more than six countries to give our support for:

• Children living in orphanages in Tanzania, Cameroon and South Africa
• Families recovering for natural disasters in Haiti
• Women and Girls learning dressmaking and cooking skills in Honduras and Guatemala

We provide charitable support to needy women, girls and families in the form of financial support, hands on training, donated supplies, coaching and mentoring. On a weekly basis we collaborate with the locally based Boca Helping Hands charitable organization, to cook and feed hungry citizens who regularly visit their center. From time to time we visit and travel with officials and representatives from the “Food For The Poor” international charitable organization, to provide and support skill-building activities for women and girls living in Latin America. 

We are deeply aware of the needs and sufferings of so many lives both here and abroad. We believe that helping as many needy women and girls will help to break their cycle of hopelessness, while leading to a more productive and sustainable lifestyle. We are committed to our Mission Statement and our passion together with your support improves lives.

Thanks to each and everyone that make a donation to our cause. Your support is appreciated, on so many levels.

Do What You Can Do