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Never Give to Get;
Give to Give!

Working to Save Families in Honduras and South Africa

Together we can work to help fight poverty in Honduras and South Africa. We believe that by focusing on educating and teaching girls and women valuable everyday skills, like sewing and cooking, they'll be able to generate income for their families — thus, changing lives.

After our owner went to impoverished countries on U.S.-organized mission trips, she realized that very little of the money raised actually went to the cause. She decided something different needed to be done in order to help the needy. Our aim is for 97% of donated funds and items to go directly to the impoverished in need of our assistance.

Assisting others in need speaks volumes about who you are; but quite often, when you donate, you don't know where or who your contributions are going to. When you contribute to our organization, you'll see exactly where your donations are going. We'll tell you all the details about our project, what the funds were used for, and even send you updates and pictures. If you can afford to give even a little, any amount helps.

Your generous donation will help those in need.

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About Us

Do What You Can Do, Inc. of Highland Beach, Florida, is a nonprofit organization that provides relief for needy families, primarily in South Africa and Honduras, by collecting donations. If you have money to spare, please consider helping our cause. If you live in Florida, we can pick up tangible items as donations, too. Or, if you would like to assist as a volunteer, we work with a local soup kitchen in Palm Beach County and can also recommend other places that need help.

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